Will You Be My (Royal) Valentine?

At Sheridan Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center, every day is a celebration; but when it's an actual holiday, we go all out! This year, we welcomed Valentine's Day with love and lots of laughs. We even wrapped gold-edged red garland around a tree, stuck in flowers, and adorned it with ornaments and signs that expressed the heartfelt reason for the Hallmark season. With messages like "XOXO," "Kiss," "LOVE," and "Love you Always" this festive tree was its own conversation heart! Cupid, with his bow and expertly aimed arrow, even graced a nearby wall.

The elders love to socialize, and that they did! Residents and nursing staff shared stories and smiles over Love Day-themed refreshments. This February 14th brought the opportunity for Sheridan's seniors to elect royalty among their friends. Docie Johnson and Mike Kimbrell were crowned Valentine's Queen and King, respectively. As if the bejeweled tiara and regal crown weren't enough, royalty has major perks. Sweet Docie received a dozen peachy-colored roses and a plush deep-red teddy bear donning a crown of its own. And King Mike was gifted a smiley-face balloon on a stick and a bag full of goodies!

People of all ages can reap the benefits of celebration and rituals. In senior living settings, marking holidays in meaningful ways connects past to present and often sparks conversations about fun family memories and strengthens bonds between peers. Something fun is always brewing at our central Arkansas center. If you have family or friends here, we would love you to join us for our next celebration!

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